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MPPT Solar Charge Controller
MPPT iTracer Series 12/24/36/48V Auto , 30A/45A/60A Charger Controller
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MPPT iTracer Series 12/24/36/48V Auto , 30A/45A/60A Charger Controller, specially designed for use with  batteries energy storage in the home PV Power System

  • Item NO.:

             iTracer Series 12/24/36/48V Auto 
  • Brand :  

  • Current : 

  • System Nominal Voltage : 

              12/24/36/48V auto
  • Application : 

              Battery Energy Storage Residential Solar System
  • Warranty : 

              5-10 Years

Product Description


Tracer-AN (50A-100A) series is the largest charge controller series in EPEVER's product range and can take up to 5KW solar panel. For even more power, the user can use PAL-ADP-50N to connect max. 6 units of a controller in parallel for up to 30KW system. The multiple dry contact signals are designed for a diversified application.

Technical Parameters


Leading Features

MPPT tracking efficiency above 99.5%


Maximum charge conversion efficiency as high as 98%


Support lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries


Common negative grounding, Charging current up to 100A


Charging power and current limitation function


High-temperature charging power derating function


3 relays design for different demand: utility, generator and load


Support up to 6 units in parallel


Remote temperature and voltage sensor design


Isolated RS-485 with 5VDC/200mA and MODBUS protocol



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