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3-20kW I Three Phase | 2MPPTs
The T Series inverter range is aimed at 3-phase domestic and small-scale commercial installations, offering unrivalled performance and versatility for increased yield potential and longer generation windows. The 3-phase T Series inverter options range from 3kW to 25kW.
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On-Grid Inverter | T Series 3.0-20.0KW | Three Phase | 2 MPPT  for on-grid residential use for  PV Power System


  • Item NO.:

  • Brand :  

  • Power : 

          3000W| 36000W| 5000W| 6000W| 20000W
  • AC Voltage : 

  • Application : 

          On Grid Residential Solar System
  • Warranty : 

          5-10 Years

Product Description

T Series 3-Phase Inverter

Fox’s T-Series solar inverter is aimed at residential properties with a 3-phase connection and small-scale commercial installations with options ranging from 3kW to 25kW. The maximum input range is up to 37.5kW and it has an average maximum efficiency of 98.6%. A 3-phase inverter basically has 4 wires – 3 actives and a neutral which could supply power at the standard 240V and at 415V for some large power-needed appliances. This is realized by a three-phase connection effectively tripling the power available as appliances can be split across each of the three phases.

This inverter has a moisture ingress protection of IP65 making it suitable for indoor or covered outdoor installation locations. Besides, it is fully optimised for the upgrade to the Fox-ESS range of battery storage system (requires additional Fox-ESS equipment).

Similarly, this inverter has a moisture ingress protection of IP65 that make it suitable for all indoor and covered outdoor installation locations. All of Fox ESS inverters come with remote monitoring via a web portal or an app.

Quality is Priceless

The quality of components used will directly impact on the lifespan of an inverter, and we only use the highest quality components from the world’s leading manufacturers. Fox inverters incorporate a unique heat-sink and cooling fin design. It is integrated into the inverter casing to ensure optimal direct contact with heat generating components. We use a star design on the cooling fin, creating a larger surface area and this larger contact surface greatly increases the cooling effect.


Technical Parameters

Leading Features

MAX EFFICIENCY 98.2%-98.6%



IP65 RATED, Engineered to last with maximum flexibility. Suitable for outdoor installation.

UPGRADEABLE,Fully optimised for upgrade to the Fox range of battery storage solutions.

HIGH PERFORMANCE, Low start-up voltage and wide voltage range for longer generation windows.

REMOTE MONITORING, Monitor your system remotely via smartphone or web portal.

NATURAL COOLING, Natural cooling, wide temperature tolerance and no noisy internal fans.

EASY INSTALLATION, Small, compact and lightweight for easy installation.


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