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435W-465W 166mm 72 Half-Cut Bifacial
435~465W Mono Bifacial Half-Cell Solar Panels 144 cells 166mm Wafer
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        • Features & Benefits

144 cells 9BB half cell perc solar panel 435~465W Soliswatt Mono Bifacial Half-Cut cell 166mm wafer with A Grade for on-grid & off-grid & hybrid residential & industrial use for  PV Power System

  • Item NO.:

  • Solar Cell : 

     Perc 166mm
  • Number Of Cells : 

  • Power Range : 

  • Size : 

  • Certificate : 

     TUV, UL, CEC, CE
  • Lead Time : 

     10 Days
  • Payment : 

     T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union
  • Warranty : 

     25 Years

Product Description


Electrical Characteristics

Features & Benefits

First-class solar panel warranty Reliable quality

  • 12-Year material & technology warranty
  • 30-Year linear power output warranty
  • Soliswatt solar linear power output guarantee
  • Standard linear power output guarantee
  • Max Module Efficiency 21.4%.

Product Characteristics

  • Up to 20% generation gain from the rear-side
  • The grid line transparent back sheet increases the back reflection,and the power generation gain increases with the back light
  • More than 25% module weight lighter

  • Compared with the dual glass module, the weight is reduced by 25%,which is easy to install and save the cost of BOS

  • Low current, low hotspot and better low-irradiance performance,more stable power generation

  • Longer power output life span

  • Anti PID, low acetic acid concentration,ensure the module linear power output for 30 years

  • Strong environmental adaptability
    Certified by Dust-Sand, Salt-Mist, Ammonia etc. weather resistance tests
  • Select Grade A crystalline silicon solar cells
    Grade A crystalline silicon solar cells make high-power output with cost-effective
  • Packing&Delivery

    31pcs/pallet, 682pcs/40HQ


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