Are solar panels worth the cost for homes?

Are solar panels worth the cost for homes?


Regarding the question of "Are solar panels worth the cost for homes?". we can get the answer from the following points.


First, the cost of solar panel system for homes.

Installing a 5kW solar panel system need about 40-50 square meters of roof area, with the current market price, the average  cost  is about $5,000. The investment income is estimated as follows: (The following data is for reference only. 5 hours sunlight duration, 80% efficiency)


Installed capacity: 5 kW (KW)


Floor area: about 40-50 square meters


Investment amount: about $5,000.


Generated energy: 20 kwh/day, 7300 kwh/year. (5 hours sunlight, 80% efficiency)


Is it cost-effective to build a home solar power system?


If local electricity rate is $0.1/kwh: 7300kwh/year cost $730, it is estimated that the cost will be recovered in about 6.8 years.


The system service life is generally 25-30 years. So a 5kw system can generate 219,000kwh energy, worth $21,900.


After returning to the original, you can use electricity and make money for free. The total electricity bill your 5kwh solar panel system can save for you upto $21,900 vs $5,000 your first initial investment.


(Considering the light intensity and local subsidies in different places, the general power plant payback period is 6-10 years)

Are solar panels worth the cost for homes? Is home photovoltaic power generation cost-effective? Also, we save the planet by green energy and let Co2 emission.


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